René van Bevern, Rolf Niedermeier, and Ondřej Suchý. A parameterized complexity view on non-preemptively scheduling interval-constrained jobs: few machines, small looseness, and small slack. Journal of Scheduling, 20(3):255–265, 2017.

We study the problem of non-preemptively scheduling n jobs, each job j with a release time t_j, a deadline d_j, and a processing time p_j, on m parallel identical machines. Cieliebak et al. considered the two constraints |d_j-t_j| ≤ λp_j and |d_j-t_j| ≤ p_j+σ and showed the problem to be NP-hard for any λ>1 and for any σ≥2. We complement their results by parameterized complexity studies: we show that, for any λ>1, the problem remains weakly NP-hard even for m=2 and strongly W[1]-hard parameterized by m. We present a pseudo-polynomial-time algorithm for constant m and λ and a fixed-parameter tractability result for the parameter m combined with σ.

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